The Women’s Studies Program is designed for students who want to gain an understanding of the ways that gender affects the organization, methodology, understandings, and practices within various disciplines. The program highlights women’s concerns and promotes dialogue on timely topics of concern to women.


This program is also designed for students who wish to enrich the study of their academic discipline (i.e. their major) with an understanding of the impact of gender on social and cultural beliefs, societal institutions and functioning, and historical events. Gender is a way of signifying and articulating relationships of power.

The Women’s Studies student will bring a more informed perspective to scholarship and career: she will also function more effectively in all areas of life through heightened awareness of the generally hidden interconnections of gender and power.

The Women’s Studies Program includes special events, lecture and film series, and activities designed to highlight women’s issues and the accomplishments of women in diverse fields, including the arts, music and theater, natural and social sciences, language and literature, and philosophy.

The Women’s Studies Program seeks to help students achieve the following:

  • An understanding of gender as an historically, culturally, and socially constructed means of conceptualizing and ordering the world, one that closely interacts with other social constructions (including race, ethnicity, class, and sexual identity);
  • The means to analyze and critique the way gender constructions and differential access to power affect the structures of knowledge, particularly with regard to the organization, methodology, premises and practices of academic disciplines;
  • An understanding and validation of the achievements, experiences, and perspectives of women;
  • An increased sense of personal empowerment through the ability to understand and critique the conditions of their own lives as women.

Women’s Studies courses are open to all students, regardless of major.