We live in a global and multicultural world that has increasing need of citizens who can communicate successfully beyond their native language and culture.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers major and minor programs in French and Spanish, and introductory courses in Italian. The programs in French and Spanish enable you to develop language and interpersonal skills while acquiring a broad knowledge of literature and culture through study, practice and experience.

Through language courses that are at once traditional and innovative you will come to speak, read, comprehend, and write in a foreign language with facility and accuracy. Advanced courses in literature and culture will deepen your appreciation of the distinctiveness of the many countries and peoples you study. Opportunities to use your language skills are offered through Bridging Cultures courses, study abroad programs, internships and co-ops.

As a Spanish student, you will examine the cultures of Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Hispanic culture in the United States through language, literature, history and the arts.

As a French student, you will study French language, literature, and civilizations in France, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Québec.

A unique feature of the curriculum is the seminar Mediterranean Studies, which brings together advanced language majors and some minors in a capstone experience.

The course explores through language, literature, and art the interactions between the societies and cultures in North Africa, west Asia, the Middle East, and southern Europe, from late prehistory to the present.

Are you wondering what you can do with a concentration in languages? Well, practically anything you want to! Over 100 years of our graduates have used their language proficiency in careers outside the home that cover the entire spectrum of the fields of learning, from the humanities to the social sciences to math and the natural sciences.