You’re motivated. You’re an ambitious and curious scholar.

You’re an Honors student at CNR.

The Honors Program at The College of New Rochelle is designed to be
an innovative liberal arts curriculum, no matter what your field of study.
Priority is placed on intellectual challenge, scholarly discovery, and social
excellence, while fostering academic independence and initiative, the
ability to lead, appreciation of the value of collaboration,
and community involvement.

  • Enjoy learning with other academically motivated students and faculty in small seminars that emphasize active learning and independent research, allowing you to have both freedom and responsibility for your own education.
  • Design an interdisciplinary program of Honors studies, developed under close advisement, both within and outside your major field.
  • Enjoy one-to-one learning with faculty mentors, and flexibility in fulfilling College requirements.
  • Experience real work at a rich variety of internship sites, including the United Nations, Time Warner, Entertainment Weekly magazine, and New York City art galleries.

The Benefits

  • Gain automatic membership in the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) and have the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences and present workshops. Click here to read more: Rachelle LeBlanc SAS’12 Posts Live from Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference
  • Participate in the first-year experience, which includes specially designed seminars and a social orientation to the campus by the Honors cohort.
  • Access the Honors Center and Living and Learning Community, which serves as a group study lounge, seminar room, and conference space. Great for you to study, socialize, or just take a break!
  • Publish essays, poetry, and art work in Femmes d’Esprit, the Honors magazine.
  • Register for additional credit hours without an extra fee.
  • Graduate with the prestigious Honors Diploma after successful completion of program requirements.
  • Be part of the CNR’s Honors Community with an Honors group study lounge, off-campus trips and career building workshops.