Science and Math Society

field-tripMany biology majors join the Science and Math Society, an organization that builds community and raises awareness about all things science and math on campus. In doing this, SAMS brings students together to pursue academic, social, and philanthropic activities.

SAMS members organize study sessions, informative field trips to many New York City venues including “Bodies: The Exhibition” and the MoMath Museum, and film screenings on topics such as genetics and the environment. Annually, the group hosts an Alumnae Panel, which allows for current students to meet and network with successful graduates.

SAMS members serve the community by organizing fundraisers for breast cancer research and to purchase vitamins and school supplies for children locally and in developing countries. They recently met with representatives from Girls, Inc. to plan a mentoring program in which SAMS members will encourage young girls to pursue careers in science and math.

In addition to the occasional potluck dinner, each year, the group creatively celebrates Mole Day and Pi Day.

Field Trips

Students have visited the American Museum of Natural History; the Coney Island Aquarium; Norwalk Aquarium in Connecticut; and other locations throughout the New York metropolitan area.