The Mooney Center is home to specialized studios for drawing, painting, silk screen, graphic design, sculpture, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and computer graphics.

In addition to the classes that use the studios, the facilities are open to students when classes are not in session and on non-holiday weekends. Studios are open at various times from 8 a.m. to midnight.


Exhibition Spaces

Senior art shows and other student works are frequently exhibited on the second and third floors of the Mooney Center.


The Castle Gallery

Established in 1980, the Castle Gallery is an art resource for New Rochelle and the rest of Westchester County. The gallery has exhibited prominent artists such as Kiki Smith, Chris Martin, Martha Rosler, Michael Crichton, and Cindy Sherman.

It presents three exhibitions a year from September through June, all free and open to the public, and tours are available to schools and other educational organizations.

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Museums and Galleries

The College of New Rochelle’s proximity to New York City — just a short train ride away — means a wealth of places to see art. The map below is far from comprehensive.

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