Art History

To prepare for a career in art history, the department helps the student achieve a foundation in historical scholarship, professional contacts, and positions related to her chosen field.

For the Art History Major, the department requires courses in Studio Art with a concentration in Art History within the College’s liberal arts curriculum. This Program includes survey courses, independent studies, seminars (incorporating lectures, discussions, and museum visits in small group settings) and internships in galleries, museums, and other professional exhibition spaces.

Required Courses

In addition to the requirements of the School of Arts & Sciences, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History requires 90 credits in liberal studies, a minimum of 21 credits in Art History, and 9 credits in Studio Art. The 90 credits in liberal studies can include additional Art History courses.

Included in the 90 credits of Liberal Studies are the following required courses:

african sculpture

  • ARH 100 Survey of Western Art (3 credits)
  • One of the following (3 credits):
    • ARH 110 Survey of Indian/Islamic Art
    • ARH 120 Survey of Eastern Art
    • ARH 130 Survey of African Art
  • One of the following (3 credits):
    • ARH 370 Twentieth Century Art in Europe
    • ARH 375 Art Since 1945
  • Two of the following (6 credits):
    • ARH 490 Art History Seminar
  • One of the following (3 credits):
    • ART 390 Junior Art Seminar (1.5 credits each semester)
    • ART 490 Senior Art Seminar (1.5 credits each semester)
    • ARH 494 Senior Research: Art History (3 credits)

Art History majors must pass all seminars with a minimum grade of a C-.


The major in Art History requires an additional 15 credits in Art History electives.

Professional Studio (Art Foundations)

Art History majors are required to have 9 credits in studio electives including:

  • ART 103Z Design Foundation I (3 credits)
  • One course in a two-dimensional medium (3 credits)
  • One course in a three-dimensional medium (3 credits)

It is recommended that an Art History major also takes ART 105Z Design Foundations III or ART 370Z Computer Graphics I. The Art History major also has the option to take additional electives in Freshman and Sophomore Art Colloquium (ART 190 and ART 290).

A candidate for the B.A. degree in Art History takes ARH 494 Senior Research Art History in her senior year and writes an in-depth research paper as a requirement for the degree. All Art History majors are required to participate in a three-credit internship experience.