The Art Department at The College of New Rochelle offers programs in Studio Art, Art History, Art Education, and Art Therapy. Each leads to graduation with a bachelor’s degree in that major.

The program begins with a four-semester “foundation” program common to all art majors: a menu of studio courses that includes fundamentals of drawing, painting, design, computer graphics, sculpture, perceptive surveys of art history, colloquia and seminars, and a liberal studies core. All of these course experiences provide an invitation to explore, discuss, understand, and critique the making of art and the artist.

We’re a one-on-one department. Nobody “falls through the cracks.”

We value every aspect of your stay with us, from portfolio reviews through discussion groups, to independent studies, seminars, internships and exhibitions. We try to build a good relationship with you based on personal attention, honest student-faculty interaction, and real continuity and community in your education. We set high standards early in the learning process, then give you every chance to think, grow, develop, and take joy in your four years of hands-on work and contact with teachers and new friends. We get you off campus through provocative field trips and productive internships that help you make realistic career decisions based on your own experiences.