Majors offered in Studio Art, Art History, Art Education, and Art Therapy

Biological Sciences

Prepare for a variety of science careers or further studies, including medicine and dentistry


Career tracks in management and marketing, financial services, and human resources


Prepare for graduate, medical, or dental school, research and teaching positions, and more

Certificate Programs

Earn certificates in Community Action, Forensic Studies, Legal Studies, or Sports Marketing

Communication Arts

Specialize in advertising and PR, mass media, digital media production, or computer graphics


Combine theory and policy formation with other disciplines for new approaches to problem solving


Earn the initial New York state teacher certification in childhood, adolescence, or visual arts education


Think critically and creatively, write with clarity and grace, and ppreciate aesthetic traditions

Environmental Studies

This interdisciplinary program prepares students for the critical issues confronting the world today


Explore the multifaceted geographical and thematic contours of the past

Honors Program

Learn with other academically motivated students in small seminars and with faculty mentors

International Studies

Interdisciplinary program develops an understanding of the issues facing international society


Major in Spanish or French, and take advantage of our Study Abroad and Bridging Cultures programs


A mathematics degree opens the door to graduate studies or a host of high-paying careers


This major is perfect preparation for graduate study in various disciplines within the humanities

Political Science

Acquire skills in demand for graduate study or careers in law, journalism, government, or business


Learn theory and content, understand methodology and ethical issues in the study of human behavior

Religious Studies

Study religious traditions throughout the globe as a key to understanding the world

Social Work

Learn how social welfare services are organized and how to help clients get the services they need


Explore the ways in which society shapes us and, in turn, the ways in which we can shape society

Women’s Studies

Interdisciplinary program on understanding the ways gender affects various disciplines